Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yesterday I went to a Mantanza. It is this huge party where they kill a pig and cook it in the ground. Live music and a lot of happy people. Similar to a Luau in the desert!

Anyway, I am such a kid at heart...and talked my sis in law into going into the jumping thing they had for the kids. Have you ever been in one of those things? They look so fluffy, NOT! So, I jumped up and landed on my back and immediately knocked myself stupid! The seeing stars kind of stupid. Yep, I am a true blonde and love it!

Upon recovering from this, I started jumping again. My sis in law was jumping really close to me and we were trying to make each other fall. Guess who fell first. The girl with RA who really should not be in the damn thing in the first place! When all was said and done...I broke my flipping off finger, my stick it in your ass thumb, and my ring finger...which has no use, except they were all on my right hand!Today, my neck hurts like an SOB and my whole right hand is in tons of pain, and I am having to peck type with my left hand.

But it sure was FUN!!! Would I do it again, yep! Maybe next week I will try the jungle gym at McDonalds!

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tharr said...

You're only as old as you feel. Fortunately, neither one of us has grown up! Isn't it great to act how you feel instead of how you should act for your age?