Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poem I wrote, while my marriage crumbled

You said you wanted me more than anything in life

Even asked me to be your wife

The day so beautiful, happy and more
Then the love went down to the floor

The wall came up

I tried to climb up and in

But I could not do it again and again
Which way should I turn

Which way should I go

The answer to this, I don’t even know
I wanted your love

Even begged and pleaded

But I was not what you needed
The smile you once said was bright

Has turned into the gray of the night

Into the darkness I had turned

Even thou, for you I still yearned
I could not compete with what’s in your head, the computer, or even our bed!

Some times it made me feel so dreadful and dead!
I vowed to love you with all of my might

But into the night and out of sight, you choose what you wanted for your delight
Please open your heart and let the wall free

See that someone loved you...that someone was me

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