Thursday, December 10, 2009

50 years of someone's life

The last few weeks have been way too busy for RA comfort, and my unwanted friend is starting to tell me so. I HAVE to keep trudging along, as Sunday is a big day for my parents. They are renewing their vows said oh so long ago.

As I sit here this morning, I find myself thinking about what has gone on in the last 50 years. (I am only 47, so some of it is just imagination)

We all could not discover and share each other's worlds 50 years ago. WOW, now ain't that somethin'!

One thing that I keep thinking about is how far the health care world has come. Yesterday, I seen a little huddled up lady struggling to walk through the store. Of course, I already knew that she had RA, no need to ask another sufferer who was not given the opportunity of medications like Embrel, Rituxan, Orencia or Humara. I asked her if she would let me help her with her grocery cart, as I wanted to talk to her.

As we walked very slowly through the isles, I asked her how long she had RA. She looked up at me the very best she could and said, "a long hard 35 years." I wanted to cry right then and there for many reasons. Some of which were my own selfish, yet, grateful reasons. Selfish because at times I feel "cheated" by RA. Grateful because of the medications that have come along in my lifetime to avoid some of the pain and suffering that little ole Lydia has suffered. Bless her sweet heart.

I asked Lydia what she took for pain and she said, "anything I can find to give me a moment of rest from these ole bones." Then she said, "I eat gin soaked raisins, don't think they work, but they sure taste good and keep my plumbing working." Ah, the words of the wise. I had to laugh at her.

I hope this post finds friends from around the world safe, happy and wise.
Let's see where the next 50 years takes us.