Friday, December 5, 2008

Daybreak brings on a whole new light!

Waking up today was wonderful! I reflected on life and the people who have touched me deeply before I even got out of bed.

Some of the people I love deeply...


  • Lee, the man I gave my heart to.
  • Raymond and Andre, my two sons.
  • Arley, my brother, even though he is a brat at times!
  • Marsha you make me laugh!
    Tam and both know why!
  • My parents for giving me life and teaching me values.
  • Chris, never met you physically but you are so cool!

This list will change, as every day, I love others!

I started thinking about how a sunrise can bring so much joy on Monday and by Wednesday it can bring tears of sorrow.

Two things that are really in my mind today are...

1. How are relationships and friendships cultivated and maintained?
2. What is the deal with my dogs?

So with those thoughts in my mind, this is what I came up with.

  • Relationships and friendships can only be cultivated by words. Strength comes in the form of words, be it outloud or within our own mind. Many of my friends are great talkers and we can carry on conversations for HOURS without even a pause for a breath. While others think about what they are going to say and if it will be said "right" that they don't even get a chance to speak, before I have butted in another thought, which immediately confuses the thinker all over again.
  • Next has to come feeling behind those words. Feelings are sometimes scary. And we often get caught up in the "feeling side" and suddenly become fearful of the unknown. We know the feelings we have create a ripple effect that resonates to others. Yet so often, we forget that the person we are talking to is, in fact, a human being with feelings.

  • Along with counseling, I have been doing several things to try to learn from the above. One of which is Intentional Living. I am learning to live with intention and this is becoming a interesting journey for me. Check it out sometime!

    I have also been doing some resonance repatterning. This is based on energy and process of healing. As we grow up we are surronded with beliefs and emotions of others. If our life is surronded with negative or ill feelings, it will resonate into our adult life and we line ourselves with the only thing we know...the known, the similiar patterns of our lives. So, as adults, we need to relearn our patterns, beliefs and emotions by setting inner goals with positive intentions in our lives and how we affect others. Here is a great article on repatterning.

    Now to the dogs...
    I have 3 dogs, two of which are female. Now these girls have discovered that the "new" dog is different! OMG. Tassa, my middle child, has taken a liking to Mack the newest addition to the family. (He is 10 weeks old) Now, I am not talking about a liking in a friendship kind of way. She is strutting her little Chihuahua stuff all around this puppy! Everytime they are outside a little ritutial has started. This involves her straddeling him...picture to this is too funny!

    Ahh the life of dogs. It made my day to see these two play!

    So for now, give yourself permission to receive gifts that come to you...both inside and out!

    What you resist; persists. Stop resisting!!!

    Have a blessed day!

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