Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Facebook Home: "Today, I will try to find happiness and joy. I must admit, through tears already, that it will be hard. Only a mama who birthed a child and felt the soul leave the childs body, could understand the incredible blank pain that is felt.
I know through faith that I will be with Raymond again! For that, and only that thought, will help me get through the 5th year of physical absence of my only child.
The Life and"

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Melissa said...

I can so feel your pain. I have had two sweet children die. One, while at daycare, and another with me by his side as they did CPR. My heart goes out to you as you travel this journey. If you are like me, your son's child contributed greatly to your weight issues. It was the only way I survived...that and alcohol! Now, like you, I'm stepping up and taking control of my weight. I haven't had surgery yet, but am looking forward to it and the start of a new life. My heart goes out to you.